The e-pilote solution

The Internet as a market is growing fast, but in the same time it is getting more and more professional. Web merchants that do best are those that master their business, fix quickly their weaknesses, and take quick decisions. Until now, you had to get some complex, expensive and hard to use BI tools to do the job.

We have created e-pilote as an answer to these challenges: e-pilote is both simple to use and powerful. It allows you to analyze all your online sales and customer data.

Our goal: deliver a powerful Business Intelligence service, easy to use, and at the right price, tailored to fit the size of your business. After a year and a half of Research and Development, we are proud to deliver to you the most innovative solution, based on the most advanced techniques (rich Web UI, cloud computing, data visualization), for the best user experience.


Serge Magnin

Serge is our System/R&D manager. He designed e-pilote's web user interface. After his degree in Software Engineering at the Université de Grenoble (France) Serge started is career as a C++ developer for Reuters Financial Services. He then switched to the world of ERPs and web technologies, always with big data as a background. He founded his first company, Pool Informatique, in 1999, through which he spent more than 10 years consulting about software architecture, development, project management for customers like Leclerc, SNCF or Adecco.

Serge ia also a great fan of computer technologies, past, present or future (he collects computers and calculators from the 70s until now).

Samy Dridi

Samy is responsible for the Data/Interfaces and he designed the BI core of e-pilote. Before that, Samy worked as a BI/ERP database architect. Graduated both in IT and management, Samy began with an ERP developer job, then he worked for various consulting firms (Unilog, Accenture, S&H) as a functional consultant. In 2007, he decided to work on his own, and founded his own company, EQU-IT. Samy accounts now for more than 10 years in consulting for big companies like BNP Private Banking, Société Générale, the International Red Cross, or the UNO.

Samy is also a former web merchant. Creator of the web site, he managed it from 2008 to 2011. Thanks to this experience, he is well aware of the online commerce business issues, and the necessity to have powerful and simple tools.

Has he didn't find any practical solution, he started project e-pilote.

The NIVOLUM company

Founded to support the e-pilote project, NIVOLUM is aimed at developing practical cloud tools that will ease business in the current market trends.

Based in Lyon, France, NIVOLUM is a dynamic team composed of BI IT specialists, high availability system architects, analytic accountant, and web developers.

Our mission: Develop useful, powerful, easy to use, affordable software and services, so that every company, even small companies has the same chances to succeed.