These are the most frequently asked questions about e-pilote. If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

What for?

e-pilote is a new generation decision-making tool that gives you in a few seconds all the indicators you need to drive your online business.

e-pilote loads your e-commerce data in a private datawarehouse dedicated to you, computes your statistics and presents you with charts and data tables needed to build a complete analysis of your sales and customers. It also allows you to prepare efficient marketing actiopn using the customer profiler.

All you have to do is gather the indicators that are the most relevant to your business in custom dashboards. You can then view them with just one click.

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Who can use e-pilote?

e-pilote was designed to fit any size of company, that own one or more online shop, and want the best tools to win. Our rates grow with the volume of your business.

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How much does it cost?

e-pilote is an online service (Software as a service) charged monthly or yearly. All features are included, whatever the formula. Our rates grow with the number of orders you import in e-pilote. Other data linked to your orders (order lines, customers, products, etc.) are imported at no extra charge.

To get more information and choose the right formula, please check the e-pilote subscription rates.

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Is e-pilote similar to Google Analytics?

No. e-pilote is a business analytics tool. It does not use the same data used by web analytics tools, and answers to different questions. Web analytics tools tell you about visitors,referers, and pages viewed. e-pilote answers to questions about sales distributions, activity tracking, customer acquisition and loyalty. It also allows you to profile your customers for efficient marketing actions.

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Why is e-pilote different from other BI solutions?

While a particularly inexpensive tool for BI, e-pilote was designed to target web merchants and companies running an online business. Our team is composed of former e-commerce actors that have brought a BI vision to this domain. e-pilote is simple and fast to setup and use, and does not need you to follow any special training. Numerous samples and tutorials available on the site will help you set your analysis in a few clicks.

Another big difference: analytics tools and other BI solutions are usually based on javascript tags while e-pilote uses data already recorded in the web site database. This allows you to dig deep in the past, even if you just started using e-pilote.

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Do I need to install specific software?

No. The service is available through the Internet and hosted on our servers. There is no software to install, no IT maintenance on your side, no data loss in case of crash or loss of your computer. You just need a computer connected to the Internet, with a recent browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari on PC/Mac or Linux).
Note: We do NOT support Microsoft Internet Explorer at the moment.
We strongly recommend using Chrome or Firefox in their latest versions, for the best experience on e-pilote.

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How can I log into my e-pilote account?

After your subscription, you will receive an e-mail detailing your connection credentials.

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From where can I access my account and data?

You can use your private space on e-pilote from any computer connected to the Internet.

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Are my data secured?

We are very serious with security issues. We use several layers of protection to garantee the confidentiality of your data:

Transfer connector

  • It filters all the sensitive data that are not useful for data analysis (customer names, emails, addresses and other confidential informations are not transfered to your e-pilote space).
  • It encrypts the data it collects with a 256 bits algorithm.

Accessing to your private space on e-pilote

  • It is only possible through your dedicated URL
  • The connection uses the HTTPS protocol with TLS/SSL (level 2 certificate provided by StartSSL).

Hosting on our servers

  • We use our own private high-availability infrastructure hosted in France (our partners are OVH and Illiad Datacenter).
  • Several security systems are in use (Firewall, IP filtering, etc.)
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Must I pay for upgrades?

NO, e-pilote is constantly evolving at no extra cost for existing customers: new analysis modules, new connectors, new source data etc. Upgrades are installed straight to our servers, and are automatically available to you, on your next connection.

As long as you renew your subscription, the amount we charge you won't change. It may change only for new customers, or in case of formula change.

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What can I do if I lost my account or password?

Your account is linked to the email address you gave when you subscribed. Your password can be reset from the login page, in case you forgot it. If you have any issue, please get in touh with our support.

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