These are the most frequently asked questions about e-pilote. If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

What formula can I choose?

We provide several formulas, depending on your business volume. Every feature is available whatever the formula you choose. The only variable is the number of orders you want to analyse. The data linked to these orders (order lines, customers, products, ...) are imported at not extra cost.

But to get the best experience, it is generally considered best to choose the formula that allows you to load all your orders since the beginning of your business. If you are lower on budget, you should at least load the 3 last years. Please go to the price list for more details

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Maximum number of orders - how does it work?

e-pilote imports your orders and linked data through the connectors you have copied on your data sources. Connectors are processed according to the order you have set up. Each connector starts from your most recent data, and digs deeper in the past until it reaches the limit of your subscription.

So, if your order number exceeds the authorized limit, you won't be able to analyse your oldest orders, just the latest.

This limit applies to the total number of orders imported from all your Sources. If you have several sources, and you exceed your limit, then some sources may not be imported (the sources with the less priority)

For example: You have subscribed to a formula allowing 20 000 orders, and you have 2 sources. Source A has 20 000 orders and source B has 7 000 orders.

  • If source A has level 1 abnd source B has level 2: All the data from source A is imported and none of source B is imported.
  • On the contrary, if source B has level 1 and source A has level2: Every line from source B is imported, but only the last 13 000 (20 000 - 7000) orders of source A are imported.

For more flexibility, you can also select the oldest year you want to extract for each source. For example: if you are not interested in very old data, you can reduce to the last 5 years of activity.

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How long is my commitment?

You can subscribe for 1 month or 1 year (in this case, 2 months are offered). Monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed on the day of your subscription. 1 year subscriptions are paid in whole at the beginning of the subscription, and are not automatically renewd.
To subscribe for a 1 year formula, please contact us at:

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What payment methods can I use?

Your monthly subscription must be paid through our banking partner Paypal. 1 year subscriptions can be paid using wire transfer, pleasecontact us at:

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Can I switch formulas?

Yes you can. At any moment. just go to your private space in e-pilote, menu Settings, Subscription. Click on "Cancel my subscription". You will then be directed to your paypal account, and you will be able to close that subscription.
Once your subscription cancelled, connected back to your e-pilote space, and go agian to Settings / subscription. ou can then choose your new formula, and pay via paypal. The new formula is instantly usable. Your new subscription date is today, and the subscription will be renewd in one month.
Please cancel your old formula at least 72 hours before the date, to avoid its automatic renewal.

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Can I easily cancel my subscription?

The monthly subscription is automaticallky renewd each month. You can cancel it whenever you want, at least 72 hours the automatic renewal date. You just need to go to Settings / Subscription in your private e-pilote space. Then click on "Cancel subscription". You will be redirected to your Paypal account, where you just have to close the subscription. After that, you will still be able to use e-pilote until the end of the current period.

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Can I subscribe again after having cancelled my subscription?

Once cancelled, you will still be able to access all our services until the end of the current period. When the period ends, you e-commerce data are automatically removed from our servers within 24 hours.
You then have a 30 day delay after which your dashboard and user configuration are kept safe. This is enough time for you to decide if you want to take a new subscription, or quit definitely.

After these 30 days, your personnal dashboards are removed. We can still get them back from archive, at an extra cost of 39€. Please contact us at:

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