These are the most frequently asked questions about e-pilote. If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.

What do I need to use e-pilote?

The service is available on the Internet, and hosted on our servers. You have no software to install, no investment nor system maintenance on your side. And no risk of data loss or business interruption if your computer crashes or is stolen. All you need is a computer connected to the Internet, with a web browser running Javascript and HTML5 (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari on PC, Mac or Linux).
NB: We currently do not support Internet Explorer.
We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox in their latest versions to have the best user experience on e-pilote.

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What kind of Internet connection do I need?

A DSL, cable or FTTH connection is recommended to have the best service. e-pilote has been optimized to use low bandwidth, so even a slow connection is correct (512 kb/s)

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What is a data source?

An e-pilote data source is the database of your (or one of your) online shop. That database contains informtion about your orders, order lines, customers, products, etc. from the beginning of your business. You can connect e-pilote to as many data sources as you have.

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What are the compatible data sources?

e-pilote is presently compatible with: Prestashop, Oscommerce and Boutikone. If your online business is based on another shop system, please contact us. We will be glad to help you connect your source to e-pilote as soon as possible.

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How many data sources can I connect to my e-pilote space?

There is no limit to that number. The only limit is the total number of orders you can load into our system. It depends on the subscription formula you choose. (For example: 500 orders for 9€/month, 20 000 orders for 39€/mois etc.). Data linked to your orders (order lines, customers, products etc.) are imported at no extra charge.

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What is a connector?

A connector is a secured script that link a data source to your e-pilote space. It is in fact a simple PHP file that you can download from your e-pilote account and place in a directory on your shop web server. Once activated, it filters, encrypts and sends your data to your e-pilote space, between 00h00 and 06h00 GMT+1.

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How do I upload my data to my e-pilote space?

To have your data uploaded to your e-pilote space, you must set up your data sources then download and install the matching connectors on your online shop web server. The data upload will then take place between 00h00 and 06h00 GMT+1.

Set a data source up

  • Log into your e-pilote account using the identifiers you have received by mail, then click the "Settings" link on the top bar.
  • Then click on the configuration menu on the left, and choose tab "Sources management"
  • You can then add, modify or remove a data source, and view the list of all your sources.
  • A source features are its name, the web shop system it uses (Prestashop, Oscommerce, ou Boutikone), its base language, its URL, and the directory in which you have copied the connector.

Install the connector

Once your data source is added to your account, you must download and install the connector for this type of source.

  • If you're still in the Settings module, just click on tab "Connectors management". Or else, log into your e-pilote space click on the "Settings" link on the top bar, then choose the "Configuration" menu on the left, and choose "Connectors mnagement".
  • Step 1: Choose one of your data sources in the list
  • Step 2: Download the connector (a simple PHP file)
  • Step 3: Log into your web site using FTP (use Filezilla for example) and copy the connector in the directory you have entered in the source definition.
  • Step 4: Click on the "Validate connector" button to finalize the connector setup.
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Who hosts e-pilote secured infrastructure?

Our secured infrastructure is spread across the RBX4 green datacenter of OVH SAS in Roubaix - France and DC2 datacenter of Illiad Datacenter in Vitry sur Seine - France. This high-availability redundant infrastructure is managed by Nivolum (editor of the e-pilote solution) and used exclusively to host the e-pilote system. Back to top