E-Pilote, an indispensable tool

E-Pilote is a coherent analysis and decision-making tool. Once connected to your secure e-pilote space, you get access to more than 150 KPI to analyse your business.

E-Pilote has two parts:

  • Analysis: a "sales analysis" and a "customer analysis" modules, with all your pre-computed KPI, spread per theme.

  • Dashboards: you can insert any indicator from the analysis part into your own dashboards.

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Analysis modules

e-pilote has 2 modules that group automatically generated KPIs. For a better ease of use, these modules share similar structures: 3 kinds of visualization (Analysis, Palmares and Distribution), Comparison, Evolution) and 3 kinds of criteria (Period, Value, Perimeter). Thanks to this flexible architecture, you can view a lot of indicators in just a few clicks.

  • The Sales Analysis module: Analysis of your web site transactions (Orders), Sold Products, Discounts, and Customer Carts.

    A few examples: Distribution of orders above and below the free shipping threshold, average quantity ordered per payment method, average discount per client type, average value of products per category, top products of professional customers, number of orders per state, customer lifecycle value per age range, etc.

  • The Customer Analysis module: Analyze how you gain new customers, what is their loyalty, how they behave.

    A few examples: Distribution of new customer per gender, Average delay before first order of non-professional customers, Number of active professional customers, Number of customers lost per State, Customer loyalty, Probability to repeat order, etc.

    In this module you will also fin the "Customer profiler", an innovative tool to segmentyour customers according to cetain features or behavior (12 criteria). A ready-made query, tailored to run on your web site database is generated to fetch the e-mail addresses of your customers. You can then create targetted e-mail marketing campaigns.

    With this tool, you can hope a tenfold increase of the transformation rate of your commercial newsletters.

Constantly evolving, e-pilote will be enriched with new modules. Existing customers will have access to these new modules at no extra cost.

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Your personnal unlimited number of dashboards

With e-pilote, you can build your own dashboards, to group all the indicators you need. Just select a module, then a view, enter your selction criteria, then just add it to one of your dashboards.

A personnal dashboard can have an unlimited number of cells, each indicator taking one or two cells. Build your dashboard to fit the screen size you use. Once your dashboards built, they are just one click away!

Indicators on a dashboard can be static or dynamic. Static means they are calculated upon a fixed time period, while dynamics use a floating period (like "last year"). Dynamic indicators are updated automatically.

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Unlimited number of data sources

You manage more than one e-commerce? Take only one e-pilote subscription, and use one connector by web site. You can then view the indicators of each source separately, or consolidated together, all or just some of them.

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