Plug and play

Connect your online shop to e-pilote in just a few minutes (Compatible with Prestashop, Oscommerce and Boutikone). If your online business is based on another e-commerce solution, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to build - at no charge - a specific connector.

Each night, your data is filtered, encrypted and sent to your secure space on e-pilote. Once your data is in our system, an automatic and powerful process will generate your KPI.

You have more than one online shop? take only one subscription to e-pilote, and setup one connection by site. Once your data is loaded, you will be able to view the indicators of both sites separately, or merged together.

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So easy to use...

Common sense and our video tutorials is all you need. Most of the indicators you need have been designed in the application.

Log into your e-pilote private space, select a theme, then one of the available views, and tune its perimeter to refine your analysis (geographic location, customer type, etc.). Each chart and data table is updated in real time.

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Robust security

e-pilote does not keep any sensible information. And your data is filtered and encrypted by our secured connector before it is sent to your private sapce on e-pilote. Then you can see the result on our web infrastructure, only in secured HTTPS, protected by our level 2 certificate.

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Instant results

e-pilote is built from the latest technologies (Html5, Ajax, OLAP) and on a secured high-availability SaaS architecture (Cloud Computing) providing instant response. You have the benefit of a high performance BI system - not the cost.

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