Get access to more than 150 e-commerce KPI

e-pilote presently contains 25 KPI themes available as raw value, distribution, and top list, that make more than 150 key indicators.

Every indicator can be tuned according to the period, the value, the perimeter ( Geographic location, payment method, free shipping, customer type, customer gender, age range, product category, etc.).

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Many visualization modes

  • Data tables, with export to Excel

  • Line charts for tracking

  • Histograms, gauges for comparison

  • Pie charts for Distribution

  • Bar charts for top lists

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Sales Analysis module KPI axis list

  • Turnover

  • Number of orders

  • Average cart

  • Number of products by order

  • Turnover of sold products

  • Number of sold products

  • Average quantity sold of each product

  • Average value of sold products

  • Total discount allowed

  • Average discount by order

  • Average number of orders by customer

  • Customer lifecycle value

  • Average discount by customer

  • Average number of products by customer

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Customer Analysis module KPI axis list

  • Number of new customers

  • Number of new members

  • Delay before first order

  • Average cart of first order

  • Number of active customers

  • Number of members having done an invalid order

  • Number of lost customers

  • Customer loyalty

  • Average time between two orders

  • Probability to repeat order

  • Lifecycle value for loyal customers

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Tuning Turnover KPI - examples

  • Gross turnover

  • Turnover by customers - 10 top customers

  • Turnover distribution by payment method

  • Turnover distribution arounf free shipping threshold

  • Turnover distribution by country/region

  • Turnover distribution by customer type (professional / individual), men/women, age range

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