Find out the e-pilote affiliate program

Tell people about us, and win some cash!

You like e-pilote?

Give them some news about e-pilote, and win some money when one of your contacts chooses e-pilote for his business.

To participate, connect to your e-pilote account, or create one. Once connected, you can get access to our affiliates program.

You will also have access to the promotion kit that will help you talk about us: banners, emailings, url, QR Code...

Commission amount earned for the first customer subscription


  • 3 € HT
  • 20 € HT

Small Business

  • 12 € HT
  • 80 € HT


  • 24 € HT
  • 160 € HT


  • 45 € HT
  • 300 € HT

Sponsoring FAQ

  • Do I need to be a subscriber to participate?

    No, not at all. You just need to have a free e-pilote account to manage your sponsor account.

  • Do I need to bill you?

    Yes. We won't pay you without a bill from you. If you are out of France, please send us a bill with not VAT.

  • I don't have a web site, can I participate anyway?

    Of course! You can use the direct link provided in the promotion kit to communicate via email, or any other way (QR code). As long as your contacts reach us through your link, we can take them into your account as soon as they take a subscription.

  • I have 10 000 contacts. Can you help me?

    If you have lots of contacts or other specific needs, feel free to contact us. Landing page creation, email routing, physical ads... everything is possible.

  • How much will I earn from you?

    Our policy is to pay you a percentage of the first subscription placed by your affiliates. This percentage is from 20% for a yearly subscription to 30% for a minthly subscription. Those commissions pile up automatically, and you can ask for a payment as soon as the amount reaches 30€.

  • Do I know the name of my affiliates?

    No, these informations are confidential. You just see what formulas are subscribed.

    Any question?

    Contact us! via email or phone.