Go beyond web analytics

You certainly already use Google Analytics to analyse your web site hits, but do you know that your best information source lies within the data you have collected since the start of your activity?

Indeed, day after day, customers place orders on your site, and this simple action brings you a lot of precious information which, once formated, allow you to analyze your business in depth.

E-Pilote enables you to dig into your present and past data, without a specific knowledge, or expensive charges.

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Get an answer to all your business interrogations

Do you have a precise view of your sales? (orders, sold products, discounts) Is your free shipping threshold well tuned? What is the average value of your products? What are the products that you never sale?

Do you know precisely your customer target? Do you know which products are the most liked? By which type of customer? In what quantity they are sold? Is it more than last month? Is it less than a year before?

Do you have new customers? After they come to your site, after how much time do they place their first order? What is the probability that a customer order once again?

e-pilote was built to answer to this kind of questions, and many others. A tool to track, compare, analyze your business data the way big companies do using complex and expensive solutions.

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Save a precious time

Some web merchants, feeling the need to analyze their sales data, try to do it by themselves, extracting data from their database, using excel to build a few indicators, at the cost of a lot of wasted time, and at the risk of having bugs in their design... Building usable dashboards this way quickly turns to a nightmare. Maintaining them is science fiction...

e-pilote gets connected to your online shop in a few minutes, (Prestashop, Oscommerce, Boutikone and soon Magento, Drupal E-commerce, RBS Change, etc.), computes automatically the KPI you need, guides your analysis through its theme based organization, allows you to create dynamic dashboards, and if needed takes your data to an Excel spreadsheet.

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Boost your sales and cut useless costs

Surely you spend a lot of money in marketing and ads to gain new customers, but is this efficient? Is it profitable? We think no action is profitable unless you study the profile and behavior of your customers.

e-pilote allows you to know:

  • Your customers profile
    (professionals/indivisuals, men/women, age range, geographic location)
  • Which products and product categories they like
  • Their behavior during all the time they spend on your site
    (acquisition, delay before first order, loyalty, lifecycle value and ultimately customer loss).

Thanks to this information, you will know how to choose your marketing actions, and what to tell your customers, to make them loyal.

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Boost your marketing

With e-pilote, you have access to the Customer Profiler tool. This innovative piece of software available through the "Customer analysis" module allows you to segment your customers according to 12 behavior or features. It automatically generates a tailor made database query to extract their e-mail in order to create some accurately targeted e-mailings.

With this powerful feature, you can greatly increase the transformation rate of your business newsletters.

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